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Mother speaks out on dangerous breed laws after her child dies

One of the most heartbreaking tragedies in a parent's life is the loss of a child. Sadly, sometimes children die as a result of accidents and negligence. When a child is killed by a so-called family pet, many Arizona residents start to express support for laws that ban the ownership of a potentially dangerous breed.

Dog attacks may be more about poor training than dangerous breed

In several Arizona counties, animal bite reports have significantly increased with one county recording more than 100 incidents. Though the increase can be partially attributed to an increase in both population and pet ownership, some believe the problem lies in the environment that an animal inhabits. According to some of the available statistics, bites have been inflicted by more than just those dogs that are usually considered a dangerous breed.

Any pet can cause serious injury even if not a dangerous breed

Recently, a report was released on the states with the highest numbers of dog bites and the associated treatment and insurance costs. Though many of the injuries inflicted could be attributed to animals described as a dangerous breed, in reality, any dog is capable of inflicting serious wounds. In the listings, Arizona came in at 15 for bites and insurance payouts.

State Farm does not recognize dangerous breed restrictions

The annual Dog Bite Prevention Week is geared toward reducing animal attacks and the danger that pets pose to children. Recently, State Farm Insurance released figures for 2018 that show an overall decrease in incidents but a rise in costs of claims. Though many states, such as Arizona, have enacted breed-specific laws aimed at protecting residents from a potentially dangerous breed, State Farm does not have breed restrictions in its policies, as any dog can attack.

NFL player's dog banished after bite that caused disfigurement

Far too often, there are reports of "man's best friend" inflicting serious injuries, especially when that best friend is a breed that has a reputation as being dangerous. When these types of dogs attack, victims can suffer permanent disfigurement along with emotional scars. Though several Arizona communities have enacted laws that restrict ownership of potentially dangerous breeds, these frightening attacks occur far too frequently.

Animal control officer suffers serious injury, probable scarring

Those who work with animals are aware of the hazards they face when dealing with a difficult or frightened creature. This is likely even more true for animal control officers who are called to deal with possibly dangerous dogs that can inflict serious injuries and scarring. One such Arizona worker recently discussed his horrifying experience.

More evidence of the threat posed by a dangerous breed

In life, there are many things that can pose a threat to the well-being of children and adults. While many of these cannot be eliminated, there are some that could possibly be reduced through laws and due diligence. Sadly, in spite of some breed ban laws in many areas, the threat of harm posed by one potentially dangerous breed continues to endanger the lives of many Arizona residents.

Dangerous bacteria leads to man suffering permanent disfigurement

There are few inter-species relationships that are as close as the one between people and their dogs. Studies show that pet ownership provides many health benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, not every pet is a devoted companion, and there have been countless reports of Arizona residents suffering permanent disfigurement due to an unprovoked attack.

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