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In spite of hype, self-driving cars cannot prevent a car accident

Companies have been promising for years that advances in technology will streamline commutes in all major cities and ease congestion. However, it seems that many of these promises are being revised, as the realization that these goals are difficult to attain. In addition, as was proved by the Arizona crash last year, self-driving cars may not reduce the likelihood of a car accident.

In some areas, uninsured motorist figures has climbed

Almost every state requires drivers to carry automobile insurance. In spite of this requirement, the rates of those who are electing to drive without this required coverage have climbed in some states. In Arizona, the uninsured motorist rate in 2015 was approximately 12%.

Arizona officials working to find cause behind fatal car accident

At times, the unexpected events in life can result in joy and fond memories. Sadly, these events can also bring tragedy and grief that will forever change families. Arizona officials are working to determine the reason why a driver was headed in the wrong direction and caused a car accident that took the lives of three people.

Drowsy driving a significant factor in causing serious car crash

Everyone is aware of the dangers posed by an intoxicated driver. Another danger -- and one that may even be more common -- is driving while drowsy. Though some Arizona residents may feel that driving sleepy is often unavoidable, it can be a factor in causing a serious car crash.

Arizona still lacks comprehensive distracted driving law

Nearly every state legislature has passed some form of law that seeks to curb the use of electronic devices while driving. Up until this legislative session, Arizona lawmakers have failed to seriously consider a wide-reaching bill banning cellphones by all motorists. Sadly, the death of a police officer due to distracted driving may be the catalyst lawmakers need to take up the issue once again.

Wrong-way driver causes fatal car accident that kills 4

Traveling the busy Arizona highways comes with a certain amount of risk posed by congested traffic and negligent drivers. Sadly, even the most diligent drivers cannot always avoid the dangers posed by a negligent or careless driver. Recently, four people died in a multi-vehicle car accident.

Tragic chain-reaction car accident kills mother, 5-year-old child

Each day, Arizona parents fasten their children into their motor vehicles and head off to handle their daily errands without any serious concerns about their safety. Sadly, with the increasing numbers of distracted drivers on the roadways, driving a car can quickly become a dangerous task. Recently, a deadly car accident has forever changed one Arizona family.

Arizona teen killed in car crash: Police blame impaired driver

Those who have been convicted of impaired driving are often punished with fines and other measures that are meant to protect others from harm. Unfortunately, in spite of these deterrents, there will be motorists who will continue to pose a danger to fellow travelers. Sadly, one Arizona teenager was killed in car crash caused by an allegedly impaired driver.

The state of distracted driving rules in the greater Phoenix area

Arizona is one of the few remaining places in the United States that does not have a full statewide ban on texting while driving. However, this does not mean such conduct is legal everywhere in the state. Currently, cities and counties can put their own rules in place against cellphone-related distracted driving.

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